Best Quality ML Manufacturer for SD???

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Best Quality ML Manufacturer for SD???

Post by Flapapancakes » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:16 am

Hello everyone,

I am not familiar with a great many Indian manufacturers. I know of MKS (which seems to be average quality, not good, not bad) and Rajasthan, who I have heard is the same (not good, not bad). I am curious if anyone can help me locate the highest-quality ML manufacturers for the purpose of self-defense.

I should note, I am an American; I have experience importing from MKS, and plan to do the same here, so local laws regarding firearms do not apply. In the USA, these are not even considered firearms.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I would love to hear any opinions, especially from any members who may work at these manufacturers. Are there any laws for importing/exporting ML firearms in India?

As a side note, India has a proofing house; does anyone know how much a proofing costs per barrel??

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