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I want to buy the BEST Co2 Pistol possible! ... Pls Help

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I want to buy the BEST Co2 Pistol possible! ... Pls Help

Postby Yogi » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:51 pm

Dear Members,

I would like to buy a metal CO2 pistol... budget is not a constraint... must have maximum possible velocity, high accuracy, and laser sight.

1) Can you suggest some appropriate pistols?
2) Where can I buy them in India?
3) If not possible to buy in India, can the pistol be imported? Which international website is the best one to order from considering that they will be shipping to India. Do I require any documents to import such a pistol?

4) If possible, I would like to have a good gun as soon as possible, so if someone wants to sell a very good CO2 gun, I am interested.

Like I said, budget is not a constraint...

thanks and cheers


Read topic how to import an air pistol. Do not unnecessarily start new topics.There is no one best Co2 pistol as best for me may not be best for you etc. Topic locked. Mod

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