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Democracy and the need for ordinary citizens to bear arms

Discussions on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
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Re: Democracy and the need for ordinary citizens to bear arms

Postby goodboy_mentor » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:10 pm

Afaque wrote:We are living in a era now where having currency notes is considered a luxury and you guys think our PM will give permission for firearms for all citizens?
Please do not use the word "permission" because it defeats the argument in itself. RKBA is a basic human right and has also been recognized by the Constitution. Right is not equal to permission. The problem is ignorance about this matter among the masses and dishonesty among the ruling elite to acknowledge the truth. If you read my previous post in this thread carefully, most probably you will understand the political and legal game that is being played by ruling elite since 1947 and even before. This is the post https://www.indiansforguns.com/viewtopi ... 53#p246517

"If my mother tongue is shaking the foundations of your State, it probably means that you built your State on my land" - Musa Anter, Kurdish writer, assassinated by the Turkish secret services in 1992

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