New license

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Fresh on the boat
Fresh on the boat
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New license

Post by nilavapal » Fri Jul 07, 2023 11:49 pm

Greetings friends and seniors
I am a Gn.Manager of a Public Sector Bank and trying to obtain a fire arms license for personal safety.
1st I hired a paid lawyer.After a few weeks of work he told me that licensing authority is not willing to grant a license without a training certificate.In my state(Assam) there is no such institution or shooting range which can provide the same.
Then I tried a person working at SP office(close to SP).He did the police verification work for me(at least he said so), and now all he says is granting of new license is temporarily stopped in my district.(meanwhile I have filed an RTI with MHA to know the actual status if there really is any such order in force).

It has been about 1.5 yrs now and I am getting frustrated in the process.This time I want to directly write to the DM.I also wish to get a firearms training safety certificate so that there is less scope of refusal

Please advice on how to approach the issue.I am writing in this forum because there are lots of experienced people here.I am hopeful of some help.

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Re: New license

Post by Vineet » Sat Jul 08, 2023 9:11 am

Here in Punjab, training certificate is given by district Police. Contact with your police and see what they have to say.

Second option is to get in shooting sports. Your shooting id card should work instead of training certificate. Another option is to join NRAI, their id card should also do the job. Here in Punjab it works.

Best of luck
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Pratipalsinh Jadeja
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On the way to nirvana
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Re: New license

Post by Pratipalsinh Jadeja » Sat Jul 08, 2023 10:06 am

The Problem you are facing is faced by many Indian individuals who are gun fanatics or either trying to obtain license for personal safety, There are a lot aspects determine weather you really need a license or weather you should possess a license.

Talking about Gujarat, it is very tough and unlike Punjab, UP, Bihar obtaining license is a task.

I will suggest a few tips/suggestions.

Firstly talk to a licensed individual in your state and gain first hand information, Gather information also from Commissionerate Office which often has a "Licensing Branch" there you will get information regarding the process rather than filing RTIs, Gather solid proof why you need an arms license, Don't get information from unverified sources you may get misled, gain it from existing license holders, police sources/contacts, media personnel, defence personnel

In my case, I own a media house and newspapers, I often write about sensitive matters and people who might of threat to me or my family, So for that reason license was granted. You may want to first think of a very strong reason.

Secondly, coming to the conflict of Training, it is a must. You can also obtain the training certificate from a shooting academy, if you dont have it in your locality you may want to search one in nearby state/locality as that is the only proof that you are skilled/knowledgeable in handling a weapon.

Don't hire lawyers/brokers they might charge you and still not have authority to influence the decision of Commissioner of POlice/ Collectorate authority, remember the final say is of them ONLY, The police verification that you're talking about is not to be done by you but once your application and documents are in place the Licensing Authority which sits in CP office will contact the police station which is assigned to your locality for information regarding you weather you have any cases on you are if you're involved in activities.

Just like applying a visa in Schengen, the cover letter is very important it is your chance to prove a solid point that you will need the license badly, in many cases people state many reasons like business is of kind wherein you have animosity, or you transfer too much cash via vehicle you would possess threat of theft, In some cases which I saw as I am in Media, people who were abducted/kidnapped also apply for an arms license or people who rescued the victim from kidnappers also apply for it and there are very less chances of refusal, Also ex army men and retired policemen apply for license. YOU HAVE TO CONVINCE THE AUTHORITY THAT YOU WILL NEED LICENSE BADLY

Make a structured and well constituted file of the application of license, also to state owning a weapon is a privilege at the same time a greater responsibility and not all can have it.

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Re: New license

Post by Respectful » Fri Apr 12, 2024 9:55 am

Thanks for great information and hints on how to go about it @ Pratipalsinh Jadeja

Hmm...its gonna be difficult for me coming from abroad and spending just half year at a time or maybe less , But will look into it - never know if never try. But focus will be to give a good enough justification,,, will have to think up - got lots of time ..

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