Duracoat Firearms Finish

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Re: Duracoat Firearms Finish

Post by xl_target » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:54 am

vanlalthakima wrote:Cerakote the worlds toughest thin film has an Certified applicator in India.
Cerakote is much better than Durakote.

You only need From XII to ship you guns to us.
kindly confirm with us before booking your spot.

This is our website https://vocationalskillacademy.in/cerakote.php

here is our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Cerakote-Firea ... 010738248/
Cerakote is an excellent firearms finish.
I would only use Duracoat as an exterior finish but Ceracoat has been applied to the internal parts of firearms too.
I wouldn't say it is better than this or that product but if properly applied properly it is exceedingly tough and provides a good looking finish.
The key to any of these finishes is proper preparation of the part to be coated and post application heat curing. It's not like you just wipe it down with alcohol and spray it.
If the poster vanlalthakima is a factory approved Cerakote applicator, he has been trained in the process and should be able to do that job correctly.

I'm sorry but Rustoleum is simply not a durable finish for firearms. I'm speaking for personal experience here.
If there is any significant handling of the painted part, it will chip off, flake off or wear off.
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