The Browning A5 vs the "new" version and inertia action in general

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The Browning A5 vs the "new" version and inertia action in general

Post by timmy » Sun Jan 09, 2022 3:28 am

Some questions recently arose regarding inertia action shotguns and how they work, as opposed to gas-operated shotguns and the operation of the "real" Browning A5 long recoil system. The operation of inertia action is described online pretty well, along with the operation of true and new Browning A5s. I'm attaching these descriptions here.

First, the original Browning A5 long recoil action:

Now, here is the new Browning A5 "Kinematic" action, which is an inertia action:

Finally, here is an excellent page describing the inertia action in general, its history, and its modern iteration used by Benelli for modern shotguns, with plenty of pictures to make the concepts more clear:

"Gun Technology: inertia operated systems for shotguns" ... d-systems/

As you can see, there's nothing new under the sun, as the phrase goes! The new Browning A5 is simply one implementation of the inertia action that's been around in shotguns for some time, rather than a ground-breaking piece of engineering, like the original Browning A5 designed by John Browning, which was the first successful autoloading shotgun on the market.
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