About popular self defense SBS Saiga-410 (Saiga-410k) in Russia

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About popular self defense SBS Saiga-410 (Saiga-410k) in Russia

Post by russianshooter3 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:51 pm

In Russia for defense your home your may buy 1 shotgun (special gun permit series LOSA)

Very popular 1995-present SBS Saiga 410k (410 caliber k-korotkii (short) made by Izhmash (Kalashnikov concern in present)

barrel 351 mm
all length 826 mm
weight 3,4 kg

magazine capacity in original 4 or 10 shot (some enthusiast import from us 15-20 shot magazine)

price second hand 150-250 USD
new 400-500 usd

better use with bullet (slug) or buckshot 8 mm (in cartridge 4 pcs)

effective range with bullet 50-70 m with buckshot 30 m

in present making only 1 model Saiga 410 isp 04 (looks like AKSU-74)
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