Practicing Shooting Outside of a Rifle Club

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Practicing Shooting Outside of a Rifle Club

Post by pkaran » Tue Jan 17, 2023 8:48 pm

Hi Pals,

Hope all are safe and well:
I shall be taking delivery of my Ashani Mk-iii very soon and because I am a Rifle Club Member I am allowed a hundred .32 bullets. Now, I need to practice to horn my shooting skills and to keep my weapon ready. However, visiting my Rifle Club entails commuting a distance of a 110 km which is quite cumbersome, given the road conditions in Kerala, one of the most crowded roads with undisciplined drivers.

Alternatively, I prefer to use a compounded private land of mine with a straight range of about 75 meters. It has walls on all four sides with an old house where about 10 Bangalis live. They leave the premises by the morning and return by the evening. During the intervening hours, the land is all barren. However, there are houses in the vicinity but controlled shooting can cause no harm to anyone. My question here what should I do to obtain permission from the authorities to practice shooting there. Learned Members may kindly respond. Thanks,

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Re: Practicing Shooting Outside of a Rifle Club

Post by revolver » Wed Jan 18, 2023 12:47 pm

No such permission for shooting practice on private property is granted by the authorities. Only for persons issued licenses for pest control may fire on their own private property to eliminate pests. For persons issued licenses for self protection or sports category may only use authorised shooting range for practice. Unlawful use of firearms even on one’s own private property may invite legal punitive action.

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