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22 Long Rifle vs 25 Auto in small pistols: the argument continues

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2023 1:41 am
by timmy
Paul Harrell is one of the best Youtube sources for gun information, in my opinion. He is not about spouting BS, but instead is all about testing and viewpoints based upon the facts and data he obtains and demonstrates.

His tests, like this one, are based on tests that duplicate as nearly as possible real world conditions that a defense gun bullet will face in use. I think that his penetration and performance testing is even more relevant that ballistic gel in most instances.

Watch this video as he compares the 22 Long Rifle with the 25 Auto cartridge in two Baretta 21s with a variety of ammunition. I think that this test should provide anyone with all the information they would need when considering pistols in these two cartridges. His background information, while short, is very interesting and pertinent to the subject, as well.