Rifle Training in Bangalore

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Rifle Training in Bangalore

Post by lord_varun » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:41 am

Dear Friends,

I am Varun from Bangalore. Residing in Koramangala. Just thought would share my fresh experience with you all ... I had enrolled for a Civilian Rifle Training Program conducted by CAR-South(City Armed Reserve -South ; based at Adugodi Police Grounds) by Bangalore Police. The program was for 9 days duration from 16th Nov,2012-24th Nov,2012. By the way , it is compulsory for anyone applying for a new firearms license in Bangalore(and probably Karnataka) to undergo this CRT program before their application can be considered. The schedule was as follows -

1. 16th Nov - Inauguration of the Training Program by DCP CAR- South Shri Malligawde and other Senior officers of the Unit.
2. 17th - 18th Nov - Physical Training(Every day 1st 50 mins) followed by theory lectures by the Head Armourer of CAR - South.
3. During the theory lectures various things like difference between Rifle & Gun, Pistol & Revolver,Prohibited & Non-Prohibited Bore Weapons, Types of ammunition, Range, Caliber,Safety and Precautions , Holding, Aiming & Trigger operations were explained.
4. Display of weapons e.g, Lee Enfield,SLR, INSAS, Carbine, 12 Bore Pump Action Shotgun(IOF make), 9mm Automatic, .410 Musket and Revolvers(.38 & .35 cal) during the theory classes.
5. We were introduced to Czech .22 LR CZB BrN Rifle on which we were to have live ammunition firing on Sat 24th Nov,i.e. today.
6. 18th -23rd Nov -- Field Training on .410 Musket & 9mm automatics for Holding, Stance, Aiming, Range Discipline, proper handling of firearms, Dry Firing on Targets, Safety precaution and Maintenance.
7. 24th Nov 2012 -- We went to the CAR -HQ at Charmarajapet for firing exercise with live ammunition. Reporting at the firing range was at sharp 7:00 AM. The firing was with the Czech .22 LR CZB BrN Bolt Action Rifle. The break-up of the alloted quota of live rounds per candidate was as follows -

02 Rounds- Sighting Shots(Not considered for assigning of scores)
10 Rounds - Lying position
10 Rounds - Kneeling position
05 Rounds - Standing Position
Target - 1feet*1 feet
Distance - 75 yards
Max Marks - 100.
Pass Marks - 60.

My Score - 89 :D ...(I shot 9 Bulls Eye in lying position out of my alloted 10 shots)

The live ammunition firing was attended by the DCP as well as other senior officers of the unit.

We will be having a function as well as a felicitation ceremony for our instructors and Police Department officials on Wednesday. The Certificates will also be handed over by the DCP during the event.

The fees of the course is Rs.2650/- . The form can be collected from any of the CAR Units in Bangalore. Generally such trainings take place 3-4 times in a year.

Varun Chaturvedi

P.S. - Moderators please feel free to move my post to the appropriate thread in the forum . As this is my first post on the forum so I am not certain about the thread where to post it. Felt this would be the best fit.

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Re: Rifle Training in Bangalore

Post by dhruv67 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:36 pm

Hi Varun,

Thanks for the level of detailing. Loved it :-)

I too am a resident of Bangalore and have been thinking of enrolling in the CRT course, was lazy but your post has inspired me to action :-)

Can you share your email id so that I can send you a pvt email with some questions I have? Dont want to bore others with my questions.

[email protected]

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Re: Rifle Training in Bangalore

Post by RCKing » Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:44 pm

Hi , when is the training slot for firearm will start .

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