firm arm licence on base of family heirloom

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firm arm licence on base of family heirloom

Post by dhruvkumarvv » Sun Jun 26, 2022 10:00 pm

In 2005 My father was died. He had Winchester rifle but after his death rifle deposited in police station locker and after arm dealer our relatives are sold in 2005. I AM 15 years old at that time in 2005 when my father was passed away and rifle deposited to police station and sold to arm dealer. I am minor at that time So rifle licence not transfer to me. So now At 32 year age how can I avail firm arm licence on base of family heirloom or inheritance or if any other type ?? In effect of my late father’s rifle licence. I want to get now rifle weapon arm. Some lack of legal knowledge I have delayed for demanding.
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Re: firm arm licence on base of family heirloom

Post by dilip » Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:59 am

No you are not applicable in the category of heirloom licence now because you have already sold the rifle . The rifle should have been deposited in police armoury.
Before Govt used to give 1 year for the heirs to apply for the licence till then you can keep it deposited under section 21 of arms rules with dealer and after 1 year you can deposit it with Police armoury.
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