Maoist attack.

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Re: Maoist attack.

Post by ashokgodara » Wed May 29, 2013 2:36 am

Yes dear thats bravery atleast in my coutry when 120 soldiers took stand against whole regiment in longewala and won

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Re: Maoist attack.

Post by Katana » Wed May 29, 2013 8:55 am

The Maoist/ Naxalite/ Communist(yes they are all out Commies) problem is a child of malgovernance. I have always maintained that the primary goal of any government or regime should be justice. Economic (read 'development' in today's parlance) and defense parameters should follow the afore mentioned. Now, our fellow citizens living in the area where this incident took place follow their own social customs, laws and culture. Unfortunately, with our central government every place in India has a uniform legal system, which is alien to these people. Capping it all up is a deaf, mute and blind government who will do nothing to better the lot of these people. So, in a such a conflict a third party will find it easy to wage a proxy war( according to reports, some of these groups are financed by one of our aggressive neighbours).

That said, the security arrangements are best left to our paramilitary who may or may not have a motive, nor the morale and courage to tackle this man eating tiger head on. The biggest stumbling block for all security agencies is not fire power, equipment or the correct man power. It is the political class. It is they who formulate policies, or the lack of it. It is this same lethargy which has led to multiple failures in internal security of our country.

Sadly, the media has gone over board highlighting m/s Shukla and Karma, but none note the ordinary guys who accompanied them and lost their lives.

OT>Some years ago, a NCC camp was to be held in my hometown. Our town range had not been used for some time and the NCC officer requested me to scout another option. I approached the District Police who have a range nearby. During our visit I noticed that maintenance was rather shabby, so I got talking to the local ASI who looked after it. I was told that a PI level officer got just 8 (EIGHT) rounds per year on an average to practice on his side arm, therefore none even bothered with that practice. Now if a PI gets 8, imagine how much would a lower ranking ASI or constable get? Probably none! So this range sits, unused and shabby.

I'm sure there are innumerous such instances where training our protectors is non existent or negligible to such an extent that the whole exercise has no meaning.
Justice alone is the mainstay of government and the source of prosperity to the governed, injustice is the most pernicious of things; it saps the foundations of the government and brings ruin upon the realm - Sher Shah Sur, Sultan-ul-Adil.

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Re: Maoist attack.

Post by ngrewal » Thu May 30, 2013 6:15 am

This is really sad incident a terrorist attack..everything comes down to as folks pointed out earlier is governance or lack of it - thats the root cause. Govt should follow two prong approach taking care of issues public needs and then in parallel address security needs. These leaders didnt follow the procedures properly as mentioned or they didnt have the adequate security cover. Like always there is more than what meets the eye. The security folks could be trained more thoroughly provided with better weapons and armor etc..

This movement has been simmering for way too long with no end in sight.

I do wonder about comment made by an economist friend on short falls of centralized planning in India. Imagine if India had more of federal decentralized system like US then Bihar, MP, orissa and Chattisgarh could have been some of the richest states due to their mineral deposits just like Texas or North Dakota rather than the basket cases they are due to their dire situation economically . Out of The Billion of dollars central govt or state govt receives for Iron ore etc a percentage needs to be provided to local bodies directly and let them fend for themselves. You cant pay a farmer pittance for their land or Rs 1000 monthly stipend and walk away. Its economics Stupid and land reforms how hard is it to figure out...Concern being that folks like politicos/bureaucrats and businessmen are part of the problem so how can they find a solution.

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Re: Maoist attack.

Post by YogiBear » Thu May 30, 2013 7:00 am


This is All that the Security people Need.

I look for this vehicle every time President Obama's Convoy drives past my home when he has his Christmass

vacation in Hawaii. So far I haven't seen it.

But, I can say that there several SUVs full of heavily armed security people in his convoy.

I would also imagine the the US Marines has a group on alert 24/7 when the President

is in Hawaii. They can reach his vacation residence is Less than 5 minutes I would imagine.

Yes, the Base is about a mile away from where he is.

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