A beginner's journey..and the steps involved.

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A beginner's journey..and the steps involved.

Post by drlizard » Sun May 27, 2018 10:50 pm

Hi guys,
I'm new here. Joined in 2014 ( if I'm remember correctly) but never visited much or posted anything.
I've been browsing IFG a lot recently and ..Cheers! This place is great!

I've started shooting again 2-3 months back.
.22 LR 50 metres (prone) at a rifle range.
I know if I apply for a license, the licensing authority will either turn me down outright, or keep me hanging for a year at the minimum.

My main objective is to own a handgun and a big bore rifle in the long run, for shooting practice as well as home protection.
But I know, getting a license will be a longer wait than Rakhi waited for Karan and Arjun to arrive.
Besides, 3-4 friends are already renowned shooters and they inspire me.

So I joined the rifle association and started practising shooting with dedication. It's obvious I have a love for firearms.
I discovered I'm natural at this. Given some time and regular practice, I'll be able to do fairly well,I think. My friends are there to guide me.
My groups are getting tighter day by day.
Let's see.

Anyway, I'm going to go and compete in the State tournament this June and if I score the MQS then I'll go try for North East Zonal which will be held in Mizoram in July.
My friends have told me, qualifying in North East Zonal will, at least on paper, help me get a license to purchase my own firearm (in the same calibre). The key word is HELP.
They MIGHT give a sportsman special consideration in issuing a firearms licence.

The next obvious step is to keep practising and try to achieve MQS at nationals and become a renowned shooter eventually, if everything falls into place.
This'll open up the way for importing a good quality firearm, that too duty free, as well as allow me to import higher numbers of good quality, match grade ammo for practice.
That sounds great.
A good firearm
Plenty of good ammo
And a range to practice at.

Or, like my friends did,after getting some experience with a .22 LR, I could hire a big bore rifle for practice and get a senior shooter to coach me for a fee and THEN go compete in big bore nationals for the MQS. My friends became Renowned Shooters and are now going to import big bore rifles.

However, after talking with my friends, I've come to know about the restrictions on importing big bore rifles..
My friend told me that the barrel has to be minimum XYZ thickness, the barrel length must be ABC mm.. No magazine fed rifles... No semi automatic either.. Etc etc etc..

Can anyone kindly tell me what the exact restrictions are for importing big bore rifles?

I want to own, after giving this sport the requisite sweat and hard work, a big bore,bolt action, mag fed rifle with a good barrel. Something like a Remington 700, Savage Axis or Ruger American etc.
I want to know if those can be imported..
I know mag feds aren't allowed (correct me if I'm wrong). So all three of these rifles above are a no no. Right?
What are the other recently introduced restrictions?

I cannot sell a kidney and buy an old import at 10 times the price.
I can't afford it.
The only affordable and accurate bolt action 30-06 with a magazine seems to be the IOF 30-06 right now.
And I've read good things about it's accuracy and reliability on this forum.

Are there any other options?
For example,my friend told me the "Palma Mod 12" fits the restrictions and can be imported. But it's a single shot feed.

It'll be at least 2 years or more before I can even think about importing.
What I'm trying to do,you see, is to ask questions and educate and inform myself.

Please do guide me and help me out.

Also, do also tell me if I should apply for the license after qualifying NE zonal or should I wait until becoming a Renowned Shot? I know a Renowned Shot has a better profile on paper to apply for a license. I don't want to get rejected and then run around begging for the same license for a second time..a licence that the Arms Act actually grants me.

Looking forward to answers from the veterans here..
My search and my journey has just begun.

RKBA and gun safety...ALWAYS.

Best wishes and cheers!!!

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Re: A beginner's journey..and the steps involved.

Post by sniper2014 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:40 am

Good luck. You have a plan, now work it out. All the best.

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