Ban on Tirths

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We post a lot
We post a lot
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Ban on Tirths

Post by Vikram » Sat May 15, 2010 6:12 am

As some of you may have noticed (especially those who frequent the airgun related threads here), long time IFG member Tirths has been banned from this site. Some may be familiar with the how & why, others may not. This is being posted here to preempt questions that have been cropping up on various threads as to the reason of this ban.

Like many others, Tirths has been using the free facilities of this website to purvey certain products for sale. It may be pertinent to make clear that this facility of free classifieds was/ is made available to members to enable enthusiasts to swap items that may be surplus to their own requirements and thus benefit the entire community. Of course as is usually wont to happen, many commercial sellers make use of this free opportunity to offer their own wares for sale. While IFG has never had the intent of becoming a commercial marketplace, we tolerate these activities - SO LONG AS NO ONE IS SHORTCHANGED OR ANY LAW IS BROKEN!

In the case at hand, a few buyers have complained against Tirths as having sold them Apex airgun seals which were not genuine Maccari Apex Seals. Even Mr. J Maccari registered here to lodge his protest on the relevant sale thread (started by Tirths to offer his products). While we are not against innovation (we are all for it), we simply cannot allow a member to usurp/ misuse/ pirate a brand & goodwill that someone has built up over the years.

And while we are sorry to see the exit of a longstanding member (Tirths) and even more pained to see it happen under these circumstances, we think that the principle is higher than the person and the ban will stay in effect until such time that this issue is resolved.

Please note that other members are advised not to promote Tirths products or services while this ban is in effect, anyone doing so (overtly or covertly) will be warned/ suspended/ etc. as the moderator team sees fit.
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Re: Ban on Tirths

Post by santhosh » Sat May 15, 2010 7:49 am


It seems that karizman is also banned in this Forum ,what was the reson for that.


Vikram has posted this as an announcement of the policy of Indians for Guns, and how this policy has been enforced in a particular instance. I refer you and any others who have questions to re-read Vikram's words regarding why this announcement has been made (first paragraph) what the issue has been in an individual case (second, third, and fourth paragraphs), and what is expected of our online community (fifth paragraph).

It is hoped that, in the spirit of constructiveness and cooperation, all members will take note of Vikram's words. It is important that we all remember that we here at Indians for Guns have gathered together in support of a particular cause, which the title "Indians for Guns" clearly explains. Therefore, we strictly enforce a legal and ethical code of conduct on the boards at all times. Since we are in the public eye, the need for this policy is self-evident and needs no further explanation.

Since the intention and meaning of Vikram's words are without ambiguity, no further debate or discussion is necessary. Therefore, I am locking this topic. - Moderator