----------- Ishaan Singh parihaar Airgundealer Fraud/cheat - Be aware

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----------- Ishaan Singh parihaar Airgundealer Fraud/cheat - Be aware

Post by A R SHENOY » Thu Dec 26, 2019 12:19 am

Hi all Want to Report a cheating and fraud done by ISHANN SINGH PARIHAAR ,an Air gun seller from Udiapur,Rajasthan So others from our community can be vary of such blatant liers and money snatchers.
He is know by two address (which i could find out)
Arms Replica India
151 Chetak Marg "PARIHAR ENCLAVE"

and the one he gave me

Aayush Singh Parihar
C/o Artistic Craftsman
15 B Shanthivan Bedla
Syphone link Road
Udaipur – Rajasthan
Pin: 313311 (Pin was given wrong as i found out it was 303001

I got the Number of a airgun seller from Indiamart website Mr. Ishan Singh Parihar via WhatsApp Number +91 8426058969 and i whatsapp that number for inquiry about an air rifle and he was very genuine and replied and through the messages in followng days build uo the trust and shows me very rare webley and bsa air rifles for sale along with diana and other imported ones.
I decided to buy two rifles form him on assurance that he will take care of all the shipping from Udaipur to Kerala and in return for two diana rifles both with good amount of accessorizes fitted along. He asked for 55 thousand in cash to the account number given by him supposedly his brothers Aayush SIngh Parihar ..and my Dan wesson pellet co2 revolver to the above address..Trusting him is transferred the amount via IMPS net transfer and courier the revolver this was in July 2019. (I have the proof of receipt and transaction from my net banking to validate this payment)

On July 10th Seller confirms that he has shipped the Item via Courier “SAFE EXPRESS “
 Some Issues start to arise in shipping by tracking not working and seller didn’t update tracking id
till July 16th then he provided the tracking ID – 68861494 safe Express But this tracking id didn’t
work and seller said the shipment is in transit but after repeated messages and calls he checked with
shipping company and he confirmed that there was an issue and shipment is heading back to
 At this Juncture Mr. Himat Singh Parihar Father of Ishaan Singh Parihar got involved to sort out the
 Then again over a telephone call agreement was reached to send it again via DTDC courier and on
Aug 13th 2019 and seller assured he has send shipment by DTDC Courier on 13th August 2019
 But again no updates in tracking and finally again after several issues and phone calls seller said
shipment was not possible and he is taking the package back half way through from Pune back to
Udaipur and promised to refund the amount in full at the earliest.
 Due to bad weather in Rajasthan in September he asked me for some grace period for refund and I
allowed it but again in September 20th I contacted him via telephone and WhatsApp but he said he
is arranging the money from somewhere.
 But still no progress happened and on 23rd I warned him to begin legal proceeding against him and
he assure me to refund with in several deadlines.
 Received 10000 Rs on Sept 24th night and he assured to refund the rest same night but never heard
from him again for days
 Then again he asked for several deadline but never honored any deadlines and cheated with false
claims of payments in process which never credited in my bank account.
 On 26th he send me the picture of a (unsigned un authorised by bank) challan from federal bank claiming he has dropped a
check against my account on 26th in one of the Federal bank branches in Udaipur and refund will
credit on next few day upon clearance of this check But after several day I checked with the Federal
bank manager to get confirmation that there was no such check drop at any of their branches.

 Ishaan stopped replying to messages and calls completely sighting his mother’s medical emergency
but still after that on Oct he gave deadline of 15th as refund date which again he faulted without any
reason or reply.
 All in this meanwhile from mid-September on wards I was asking for Proof of payment or receipt
for the purchase but Seller never acknowledged the request and never offered any receipt for he
 I cut contacts with Ishaan Singh Parihar sue to lack of faith and trust, I contacted Mr. Himat Singh
Parihar and he assured me to give full refund but subjected to a bank loan approval pending in some
bank he has applied for loan due to bad business and lack of funds but it’s been more than 3 weeks
he is saying he is all but jus waiting for the signature of managers for getting the funds but has not
given any concrete date of deadlines for the refund yet.
 Today 13th November 2019 evening also I called Himat singh Parihar and has told me he is Hopeful
for refunding this week but not give any surety other than requesting to put faith in him to get the
 Meanwhile I have given several warning to Ishaan singh Parihar about legal proceeding but he is
still silent and never picks up the calls or reply the messages amounting to cheating and fraud of
business deal unfair trade practices of not issuing proof of payment or receipt for payment received
towards the purchase of items.

Now i have send a legal notice to the address provided by him and the same address he received my Dan wesson Revolver but he is not ready to collect the notice and postal dept returned it citing door was locked.

So i am perusing this matter legally by all the means available not for my money alone but to take out such kind of cheats and frauds from our community who wants to take advantage of the sir gun lovers, I have contacted some others who have also been cheated by the same guy but i am not disclosing their name becasue they would like to keep it private,

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Re: ----------- Ishaan Singh parihaar Airgundealer Fraud/cheat - Be aware

Post by eternalme » Mon Nov 28, 2022 12:43 am

Great ! since phone and mail is involved you are lucky.
This wil come under cyber crime :) and believe me the sleuths are very strict they will milk the money out of the perpetrators udders.
Without much ado directly punch in cybercrime.gov.in and let them have all proofs, you will get your money within no time.
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