SC bans tiger safari in Jim Corbett

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SC bans tiger safari in Jim Corbett

Post by HasnainQureshi21 » Thu Mar 07, 2024 9:54 pm

On march 6, Sc issued a complete ban on tiger safari in Jim Corbett national park.

The tiger safari will now be exclusively permitted to peripheral and buffer zone of the park.

The court want to "protect" the fragile ecosystem of the park and save the core areas from the "effects" of tourism.

What effects they are talking about, i couldn't found them.

Why was this ban necessary, are we allowing hunting in the park in name of tourism.

Are we chopping down trees in the name of tourism.

If some illegal activities were happenings inside the park, why don't we investigate and find the culprits.

This ban doesn't make any sense.

We need tiger safari to generate money for conservation, we can conserve and protect wildlife without money.

Any one who has more info this ban, please share it here.

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