National geographic 1924 Tiger Hunt article

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National geographic 1924 Tiger Hunt article

Post by ngrewal » Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:07 am ... ja-safari/

Editor's Note: In recognition of International Tiger Day, we present the following article from our archives as a way of illustrating how attitudes toward tigers have changed in the past century. In November 1924, Brigadier General William Mitchell, who is regarded by many historians as the father of the U.S. Air Force, published this account of a three-day tiger hunt in eastern India with the maharaja of Surguja, a legendary tiger hunter.

Mitchell reports that tigers posed a major threat in central India, killing 352 people in the villages surrounding the Surguja district in 1923 alone. "Tigers have been known to cause whole districts to be evacuated," he writes. "There is a record of one beast which so terrorized a community that 13 villages were evacuated and 250 square miles thrown out of cultivation. Another completely stopped work on a public road for many weeks, while it frequently happens that mail-carrying is suspended on account of tiger activities."

Added in 34 minutes 53 seconds:
I know this article is like a Time capsule of by gone era and is written by an America and Aviation hero Gen Mitchell father of US Air force

BUT still I find myself cringing on reading how many of these majestic Tigers and others were unnecessarily killed or massacred as sport or past time..With no limit what so ever on kills other than hunts some other things described can be offensive to sensibilities but as I said its a window to a time period long ago. This article does make a point how MP or central province was hunters paradise with abundant game. Exactly same place was described by another hunting article posted in another post such as Itarsi Hoshangabad etc

Added in 7 minutes 13 seconds:
Maharaja Surguja was the person who is credited of shooting the last three asiatic Cheetahs..this is per gets more depressing..

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