Dr. Pabla's articles on conservation

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Fresh on the boat
Fresh on the boat
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Re: Dr. Pabla's articles on conservation

Post by saifattari » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:44 am

Folks, Dr. Pabla has written a book titled Road to Nowhere. Its an excellent read for those who want to get an insiders perspective of the state of conservation in India. Its appalling to know how the law makers seem to have no freaking clue most of the times. Its a bit scary how we are totally dependant on people who are least effected by our forest and wild life, to help protect it and save it.

Its a must read, and I hope more and more people do so and spread the word..

Details and where to buy the book: (Incidentally i ordered it from flipkart)


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We post a lot
We post a lot
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Re: Dr. Pabla's articles on conservation

Post by mundaire » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:55 am

Thanks for the info Saif, just ordered a copy for myself! :)

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Mack The Knife
We post a lot
We post a lot
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Re: Dr. Pabla's articles on conservation

Post by Mack The Knife » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:16 pm

Thanks, Saif. Copy ordered.

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