Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

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Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by gverma » Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:04 am

Air Rife Shooting : List of Equipment to be purchased

So here is the first instalment for the article series.
In this chapter we will talk about the list of equipment along with where to purchase the same.
Please note the following

1. This is the equipment which I believe should be purchased.
2. This equipment is for 10 m air rifle standing position only.
3. The list of dealers and guns and the order of priority is based on my experience only.

So ever trade has its tools and rifle shooting has too many of them as compared to shot gun and air pistol.

So in case you want to get started, here is the list of equipment you will need to purchase, rent or have access to. Some of the things for example the kit will be custom tailored to your size and hence can't be borrowed.

Please note I am putting some tentative prices of products to just give an idea around the budget you need, please do not hold me against these quotes.

1. Jacket and Trousers - They are needed because when you stand with a 4-5 Kg rifle you will get tired and you will move a lot. Using the kit brings stability and doesn’t bring so much of pressure on your back. A kit can start from Rs 25,000/- and go up to Rs 1,00,000/-. Kits are made of leather or canvas. I use a canvas + leather mix because of Indian climate. Kits take aroun30-45 days to be made and until you get it don’t practice more than 1 hour to avoid strain on you back. All companies who make such kits have a kit forms. The kit form contains measuring instructions in which you fill in lengths of your anatomy to ensure the kit is made to your size. If you go to a range a senior member there will be able to help you with your kit measurements.

2. Inners - The inners are worn under the Jacket and trousers. They provide you with additional support. They are usually made of cloth. In case you are unable to buy the same you could use a track pant and a polo neck. To participate in a competition you must have proper inners.

3. Shooting gloves and trigger gloves - The shooting glove can be left or right handed. It is worn on the non-trigger hand (the one using which you will not pull the trigger), it is used to provide stability and non-movement of your hand. Infact it even separated the vibrations of your pulse. The gloves come in cut finger and full finger model. I use a cut finger model. They cost around Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/-

Some shooters including me where a trigger glove which is worn in the trigger hand. It helps be absorbing sweat and if the hands are slippery.

4. Boots - The rifle shooting boots have a flat sole which comes out of the shoe. They ensure you are standing in one place. They can cost anywhere between Rs 4000/- to Rs 40,000/-

5. Offhand stand - This is a stand on which you rest your rifle when changing the pellets. They can cost between Rs 2500- Rs 15,000/-. Some people put a spotting scope on the stand which is useful to check your score when using a paper target without retrieving it. We will debate this concept more during the how to play a match discussion.

6. Pellet box - This is small box in which you put in the pellets. The pellet box can be mounted on the offhand stand for easy access of pellets. This can cost anywhere between Rs 400/- to Rs 1000/-

7. Access to a range - You will need access to a range to fill in you rifle with air. There you also meet people who can teach you more about this.

8. Targets and pellets - Paper targets for rifles and pellets are required. You fill the pellets in rifle and shoot them at the target which is around 10 m away. The pellets are flat headed to get a clean score.

9. Ear plugs - they are required so that you can reduce the noise and concentrate on shooting.

10. Visor- Visor is a cap used to protect you from changes in ambient light coming from top of your head.

11. Shooting glasses with side blinders - The shooting glasses have multiple uses. First of all the non-shooting eye has a blinder (something which covers your eyes so that you can’t see). The blinder will allow you to keep the non-shooting eye open when you are shooting. If you keep your eye shut for a very long time then you will feel fatigue. The Shooting glasses have a lenses holder for the shooting eye where you can place a vision correction lens. Sometimes to reduce ambient light various colour filters like yellow or amethyst and so on are placed in this lens holder they allow you to bring out the target more clearly whole reducing the ambient light.
The side blinders cover the left and right sides on the specks frame and do not allow any light to come in. The complete set of glasses can go up to Rs 30,000/-

12. Rifle - :-). They can cost north of Rs 1,00,000/-. Please note we are talking about a .177 cal rifle.

The Rifle if India should be imported from one of the following dealers

1. Walther - LG 400 or LG 300, I will suggest LG 400
2. Feinwerkbau 700
3. Anschuetz

Anything else you will have a lot of issues getting the repaired in India. All rifles are present in basic and advanced models. They are also available in aluminium and wooden stock.

My suggestion is to buy the advanced model because the price difference comes out to be Rs 20,000/- between basic and advanced models. When you are importing a rifle do buy an extra gas cylinder so that if the washer of the cylinder gets damaged your practice is not hampered.

To import a rifle you must be a member of state, district or national rifle association.
If you join a local range there will be many people to help you out.

The best shooting glasses are made by Champion and the best model is super Olympic. However they make cheaper and comparatively inferior models.
Another company making really good shooting glasses is Jaggi Nova.

Other than these the dealers who sell you shoes, jacket's, trousers and so on also sell glasses but I think we should not buy them as they are not of great quality.

To buy the rest of the equipment you could purchase them from the following dealers

1. Anschuetz where the Jacket and Trouser alone can cost you more than Rs 80,000/-
2. Phoenix is a good company in Indonesia the Jacket and trousers will cost you around Rs 30,000/-
3. capapies sports is another good place in Mumbai where the kit will cost you Rs 15,000/-

Needless to say the more expensive kits are better.

So in short to get started with Rifle shooting you may have to spend around Rs 1,50,000/-
I have not given contact details of any dealers so that they do not get spammed by any bots. Most of these details are present on the net, however please do send me a personal message in case you wish to have more information.
Finally do not buy any Indian made guns, instead save money and join a rife club you can use the rifle's they have for your practice. The Indian made rifles just do not come close to the perfection of the German guns and you will get really annoyed.

Springer's are also not recommended as to load them you need to move so much that your position will get disturbed.
You could buy the following books to read and learn from
1. Rifle Steps to Success -
2. Air Rifle Shooting -
3. Ways of the rifle -

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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by dr.jayakumar » Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:53 am

thankyou friend,was looking for this info,sure helps. :cheers:

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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by pkjeetesh » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:02 am

good...very good contribution Verma....keep it coming.....


p k jeetesh

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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by fantumfan2003 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:12 pm


Very good content indeed.

We also have 10mtr air rifle opensight category which is a good and economical entry point for people interested in competitive air rifle shooting.

The air rifle is the good old IHP25 which costs much less (4000/-).
A more expensive alternative is the IHP Pneumatic sidelever (12000/-)
In the initial days the shooting jacket and trousers may be excluded also.
And if the bug has truly bitten, one can move to ISSF 10mtr air rifle, budget permitting.
If it has'nt, its not a big hole in the pocket and the IHP can be used for ocassional plinking.

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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by Big Daddy » Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:10 pm

Talk of research. Way to go Verma.

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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by to_saptarshi » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:52 pm

Whats up ...when we are getting the next episode Gaurav ??
Thanks and Regards,

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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by Subal das » Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:07 pm

when buying jacket and trousers be sure that it made according to new ISSF rules.

one more thing you may need suite case to keep and move your kit around.
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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by exportmatches » Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:44 am


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Re: Air Rifle Shooting : List of Equipment

Post by gayatri » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:45 pm

dear sir, can I get ur mail id

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