C02 rifle repair in Kolkata

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C02 rifle repair in Kolkata

Post by lukeatme » Sun Apr 03, 2022 1:58 am


I own a Walther Lever Action C02 rifle, and it seems like a rubber 0-ring or gasket is damaged.
As soon as I load a c02 cartridge into the rifle, screw it in and the cartridge is punctured, all the C02 immediately leaks out of the barrel.

Any recommendations/suggestions of gunsmiths/repair and service shops/ or even do-it-yourself advice would be much appreciated.


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Re: C02 rifle repair in Kolkata

Post by dev » Fri Jan 13, 2023 7:04 pm

Can you get your hands on some silicon oil? Pour a drop or so over the O-ring. If the seal hasn't torn it will become flexible and swell into the gap if it has shrunk. Just tighten the C02 after a few seconds of using the oil. Works as good as new.
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