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Fresh on the boat
Fresh on the boat
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Post by razl » Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:40 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm Russel. I'm from Chennai, India currently working in Canada. I was scouring the internet to see if there any forums on guns/airguns in India and finally and thankfully I found this forum!! So over to what I do, I am a techie with the IT. I've been quite interested in airguns (the pistols specifically) for a very very long time (ever since the time my cousin gifted me with the yellow bb gun back in ~2001/2) and been learning all the advances that has happened over time on this sport.

But then, since we are in India and for some odd reason even a diwali cap gun is seen as a firearm, I was not all that hopeful. Fast forward to 2008, I get my first pellet gun(blanca air pistol) from Emarald India Hobby Center and was the happiest kid around. learnt some target shooting at home until finally the blanca was giver over to my cousin. All along, I kept feeling the gun was missing something on the shooting feel side until I found the existence of gas blow-back pistols from the other side of the world. Man I loved them. I tried every possible way to see I was able to get one in India (still being naive about the hassles and need of a membership in a club) and all efforts were turning out to be fruitless.

Fast forward to 2015/6 I found a website --> Airsoftgun India which did have them type of BB guns but man was the cost so high that I had to mortgage my kidney to get one. And I was skeptical about the laws and the unwanted hassles that would follow if I had to order one. Also had Mrs.Yours truely giving dirty stares when I spoke of a gun. So, for some short time, I had to let go of the wanting to own an airgun.

Now, since I came into Canada I learnt that airgun sport is very much encouraged and many reliable shops do sell some very good guns, the once put to sleep dream got re-kindled. That was all I needed to get started back. I went ahead and bought an Umarex Glock17 gen4 .177 cal bb gun and a G&G g731 airsoft revolver. Been very happy since then.

All that said, I look forward to learn more from this community and have a lot of fun with every fellow gun enthusiasts in here!!

Now the big part - I still do not hold a club membership in Chennai or for that sake in India. So if I were to bring in my guns to India, I assume I would be ragged by the men in white. I still am not sure what needs to be done. Should I come first to India, get a club membership and then bring the gun later or has the world scene changed enough in Chennai that they can identify what I bring cannot kill anyone?

Im not sure on what needs to be done to get a membership card in a rifle club. The only club I have heard of is 'Mission Academy Of Shooting Sports'. would enrolling myself there alone be sufficient for now (cos' I plan to shoot and practice at a shooting range and not enroll just to bring my gun to India).

Hope I find some valuable info from the veterans here!!!


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