Gun Control's absolutely vacuous arguments against owning the AR-15

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Gun Control's absolutely vacuous arguments against owning the AR-15

Post by timmy » Fri Sep 23, 2022 1:38 pm

I'd like to suggest that you watch this interesting video from Forgotten Weapons:

As you listen to this, note that Ian makes two points about the way an Ar-15 (and AR-10) are designed:

Firstly, the AR-15 ergonomically shaped in a way that permits the maximum degree of controllability. The straight line of the barrel to the shooter's shoulder keeps the barrel pointed on target, rather than rising after each shot, like a conventional rifle stock does.

Secondly, by locking the bolt to the barrel, Ian points out that only two parts, the barrel and the bolt, have to retain firing pressure, rather than three parts which include those two and the receiver, as in conventional designs. This allows thee receiver to be made out of much lighter aluminum. This two piece (as opposed to three piece) construction is what is the same that is used by the Blaser and IOF 30-06 rifle, incidentally.

Consider that we don't expect people to drive Model Ts around. We don't demand that only vacuum tube radios and TVs should be used. We don't use old rotary dial telephones meant to be compatible with old electromechanical telecom networks. Sensible people recognize that there is a progression in human knowledge and techniques that improves the articles we use. Why is there an expectation that only traditional-looking guns are proper for us to buy? There is no reason at all.

"They are killing guns." Well, what sporting firearm was not derived from military designs? The 30-06 308, and 223 cartridges all have their roots in military designs. As each major firearm was used by militaries around the world, those same rifles very often became the basis for civilian shooting in that country, such as the 303 SMLE in Australia, the Mosin Nagant in Russia, and the many military rifles made after the US Civil War in the USA, to name only a few. The Mauser actions became the bedrock for civilian rifle design and manufacture, and the designs are still used in civilian sporting arms today. No stigma has attached itself to any of these firearms because of the original purpose for which they were designed.

Of course, the famous criminal John Dilinger has been famously quoted as preferring Ford V8 automobiles because they allowed him to make a fast getaway after a bank robbery. Even in that case, people recognized that the object itself had no intrinsic moral quality, only the user and the use to which the object was engaged were immoral, and law enforcement directed its attention to people, not Fords.
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Re: Gun Control's absolutely vacuous arguments against owning the AR-15

Post by drlizard » Sat Feb 18, 2023 11:49 pm

Very well written.
Thanks for sharing this .
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