Non-immigrant gun ownership laws in the US

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Learning the ropes
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Re: Non-immigrant gun ownership laws in the US

Post by Respectful » Tue Apr 09, 2024 2:37 am

Hi Guys - I am a newbee here. First of all I am second gen Indian born and raised in a East African Country ; Have been a US citizen for a long time. Own may of the nice Weapons - collecting for a long time.
I got married to a Great Indian Lady in Gujrat. I would love to some dy be able to own one in India when I retire and decide to spend lots of time between here and in USA. I have OCI. So not sure if I can do that but being hopeful. That is why I joined here so I can learn more in respect to laws in India, Assuming it varies from state to state.
Talking on USA ,,,
Anyways, Hopefully I will be able to share some nice talks on awesome weapons. Basically we a lot of us are trying to educate people here is never give up your rights - one you give that up - you never get them back. Especially if it relates to things like guns. It is okay not to own one due to whatever your fear is, just dont give up the right.

Anyways I hope you all my Indian Brothers from another Mother get to have those same rights to enjoy owning one - it is just like a tool with Insurance...Respect it, Learn to use it, Enjoy it but be respectful of what it can do.

Here is USA you just have to be legally here and each state has its own laws. A local FFL - Good one is always helpful. Once you meet the state residency - you can use your State FFL to buy from . IF you buy from someone in another state, you have through that States FFL to the FFL of your state. And you then fill in form with the Local FFL and get okay on ATF background check and he will then transfer the firearm to you in a NutShell. We also have in a state like my fire full auto weapons but have many rules on that and have special forms to fill and get ATF approval :). Nothing like enjoying to enjoy full auto via Legal Owned Weapons without incoming fire. That is what is great.

Live Free, Friends! Respect and Cherish your rights!



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