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Need to mobilise legal gun owners againist arm act amendment

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:44 pm
by dsingh
It is high time all legal gun owners must come out againist corrupt and autocratic breuecracy aginist amendment of section 3(2) to limit 3 arms to 1 rather we should demand it must be increased to 5 or no limit. All legal gun owners must statrtsubmting meos in large nos to respective DCS and if need be hold a rally at boat club new delhi.We r being humilated like criminals limit on no of cartridges limit on nos on the other hand our advversray Pakistan have liberal arm act here we r being treated like criminals.
In USA some kind of restrictions were peopoesed which were oposed strongly by gun owners in newzealand also strict gun laws were proposed after teror attack but later confined to semi auto arms due to mass protests.
It is high time we r in millions many among us regard weapons as sacred slowly we r being reduced to slavery by breaucarcy who scares the ruling party it is breucracy who r big failure againist organised crimes and it is high time we must statr a big movement also demand more weapons on licence and demand allowing better weapons.Particular those living in senstive areas r prone to violence.Breaucrate have escape route for their families like home ministery direction regarding threat perceptions to people under threat.
It is high time we come togeather and protest this black law.