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Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:11 pm
by ckkalyan
dev wrote:Love the camping gear. Have been eyeing the Coleman stove for a while but then I found that I had a small gas with a burner and cooking unit on top.
Please to add the bundook shots soon.
Apologies for the pressure but we be starved gun buffs the schemiesers (sp?) are shooting versions?
Hey Dev, I should ask XL to post pics of his Mini "Super" Coleman Stove as I could not find any images of it on line - at $28 from Walmart - it is a steal... :D

I found the stove. Here it is

All the weapons you saw at the Roundup when re-enacted are real they just use blanks including the 50 Cal Machine Gun and Schmeisser - Brilliant isn't it? We were even able to pick up ejected, unfired 'blanks' from the arena. Chuck got them sort of swiped them! :roll:


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:16 pm
by ckkalyan
Thanks timmy on your write up about The Mountain Howitzer!

Boy, I did not realize that I was touching history in that picture.... :D

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:19 pm
by ckkalyan
Vikram wrote:
blood in my alcohol stream!
That was clever! ROTFL
Thanks Vikram I did think that you would be the one to get that 'clever' googly hidden in there! :lol:

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:28 pm
by ckkalyan
TC, Bhargav, gladiatorgarg, timmy

I am really glad that you are enjoying this all and I thank you for your encouraging comments! :D

There's a few more to go and I am really glad that you are spurring on the efforts of XL and myself to achieve our very best!

Thanks a ton XL for your intuitive support, with appropriate text and pics, while we are incommunicado! :D Bravo!

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:47 pm
by AgentDoubleS

What a wonderful thread..the pictures speak for themselves! Glad your are having a great time.


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:09 am
by Baljit
Wow!! What a write up and pictures from both of you guy’s. As I write in my email to both of you. I was so busy with my work in last couple of weeks and did not have a time to go through this post.

Anyway, today I have an enough time to go through this post and visit Minnesota with both of you.

CK, did you finish that Dimple bottle or save it for rest of your visit to Minnesota? :D Dinner at Taj mahal Indian Restaurant “Lamb Shish Kebabs, Garlic Naan, Basmathi Rice and Beef Rogan Josh with cold Kingfisher Beer in the original 650 ml Brown Bottles” what a combination . :cheers:

I think I have to make Shish Kebabs for dinner tonight. :lol:

CK, did you miss Crown Royal when you pick up Bud Light and Club Soda? :D Setting in back yard and light up the fire pit with Scotch in hands, what else we need. Setting around the fire pit is one of my favorite spot.

Going through XL’s two wheeler collection is best, did you have a chance to ride his any two wheelers?

I think your Visit to Railroad Depot Museum is making your day. Thank you very much for the link, lots of info. And write up on the Museum.

Going through XL's gun collections and serious discussion about reloading, types of cartridges, brass, prep, process & finishing is remind me when you was here in Kelowna. You should take some pictures with his toy.

CK, your visit to Minneopa State Park is also amazing .I can see in the picture you did some fishing there as well but I can see only bones, where is rest of the fish?
What a beautiful camp site and pictures. Making Johnsonville Beer’s Bratwurst with Bud Light in your hand make me even more jealous!

Visit to Fort Ridgely State Park and Historic site is also amazing. What a great pictures and write up.

White tail deer’s on the wall is every hunter’s dreams. How did you feel when you are standing front of those deer racks? Did you shake hand with the bear?
Shooting Tommy gun in full auto is all ways my dreams. You are very lucky CK.

Keep them coming.


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:12 am
by xl_target
First of all I must thank all those who took the time to read and comment on this post. While I am not replying to every post, rest assured that I am reading all of them. Thanks for your patience and forbearance while we try to put this together. There were a very large number of images that had to be edited before posting. On top of that, we had to try and remember everything we did. I tried to keep CK on the hop and busy the whole time he was here. Unfortunately there were way more things to do than we had time for. back to the narrative.

Next we moved over to the MG area. Not Bapu's hangout but a place where the full auto rifles resided. The place sounds like downtown Falluja during the Sunni insurrection. Almost continuous full-auto fire puctuated periodically with loud explosions.

CK fired four different full auto guns:
An Uzi
A Thompson (twice)
An M16 with a suppressor
and an AK-47.

The UZI in 9mm

The Thompson again

The M16 with the suppressor

The AK-47

Here he is with the first Thompson

The Thompsons are getting old and both the Thompsons that CK fired jammed at least once.

Here CK shoots the four different guns. 120 rounds in the blink of an eye!

Here I am shooting the same four guns. If you compare the M16 to a Ferrari, the AK47 is a like a tractor.
Of course tractors are very useful too

The M16 is very smooth. The UZI and the Thompson are blowback guns and the perfectly functional AK-47 is just what it is.

Here is Ck at one of the shotgun booths shooting at a bounding rabbit target.

Here Ck shoots the Coonan and meets up with Dan Coonan, cautioning him against Baljit ROTFL


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:14 am
by Baljit
Wow!! What a pictures and videos by both of you.

In first picture, toys on the rack are fantastic, AR 15, FN FAL rifles and M1 Grand. All of them are my favorite toys. :D

In next few pictures you are handling a Coonan 1911 in 357Mag. I can’t believe you actually meet Dan and shoot his 357Mag. :o

I can’t believe CK, you are telling to Dan Coonan not to sell one of his toys to me. I hate you. :deadhorse:

Just wondering why the Tommy gun keeps jamming? CK how your shoulder at the end of the day?

All of the pictures and videos in MG area are fantastic. Great job XL. :cheers:

CK in my last post I write “I have to make Shish Kebabs for dinner tonight” so I made it last night, now tell me which ones looks good and mouth-watering.

Here are the pictures of Shish Kebabs which I made it last night. :lol:


I think, I’ll make both of you guy's hungry again. ROTFL


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:54 am
by Vikram

I don't know if you are making those two hungry, but you are definitely making me hungry again.


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:22 am
by timmy
Baljit, that is cruel and unusual punishment! :-)

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:55 am
by ckkalyan
Mon, 26th Shooting XL’s Toys

About 1:40 pm on his return from work XL and I trooped up into his gun room; he invited me to make a selection of what I would like to shoot. I was overwhelmed, I wanted to say everything but then good sense prevailed. I only asked for the little Beretta Mod 950 .22 Short, pocket pistol and sagely left rest of the choice to him. Wise decision! XL expertly picked calibres, rifles, shotguns and hand guns that he thought appropriate – aiming for what I had not tried before in Mark’s place at Michael IL, way back in Sep 2012.

A small distraction here, we had to check out yet another of XL’s hobbies – RC Model Vehicles. A Military Hummer, a Stuart Tank and an indoor Police Helicopter complete with audio warnings, red/blue flashing lights and a Searchlight.

So the kid in us came to the fore and we had to try out these fabulous 1:6 scale models immediately. XL very generously allowed me to play with his toys and explained their salient features. We ran the Hummer over the grass in the backyard, independent suspensions, head and tail lamps, very powerful motor. Wow!

The Stuart tank featured authentic sounds of the powerful diesel, machine gun and main cannon which fired a red tipped shell. Forward/reverse, independent track, firing and turret controls, made it a real delight to play with. I was thrilled to bits!

We suddenly remembered the time and started assembling weapons, ammo and gear in a systematic fashion; cased, packed and arranged them just outside the man cave and then carried them down, in several trips to the Dodge Intrepid. Equipment all assembled, we topped off supplies with water and soft drinks into a cooler bag with blue ice and we were ready for the hot day that it promised to be!

XL had already made arrangements for us to go over to a family friend’s farm where the action was planned. We headed out and a 30 min drive brought us to Amboy and our kind host’s place. A very quiet, large, beautifully maintained farmhouse nestled amongst corn and soybean fields. The vista of the blue sky with a few scattered clouds and rolling landscape was serene and peaceful. I thought to myself, that we were soon going to shatter this stillness with loud gunfire.

We walked in said hello to our host Dean, who kindly offered us refreshments to stave off the effects of the hot and humid day. We chatted for a while and XL caught up on times and news with his friend. Dean said that he would join us as soon as we got set up. He felt it was too hot to go out too early!

We got cracking as it was about 3:00 pm and we had to achieve completion of all the firearms that XL had selected before sundown.

Gun fired:
• Handguns
• Shotguns
• Rifles

I sure had serious amounts of fun with XL’s amazing array of weapons, all very meticulously maintained. My one regret was that I did not have sufficient time to get to know each piece well before firing them – so little time and so much to do! :D

It was really hot and the fierce sun blazed down upon us mercilessly through the clear blue sky. Not a cloud in sight, now! Rivulets of sweat ran down our faces and into our eyes, but we hardly noticed the discomfort, while we prepared for action. We had come out here for a purpose and we would not to be deterred! :lol:

We started off with .22 Scoped Rifles (I had trouble getting the image through the scope as usual; I am seriously considering mounting a scope on a stick or blank butt and finding out why I have so much trouble gaining the image), went on to handguns and finished off with the shotguns.

Dean dropped in on our activities off and on, too excited not to join us but going back in as soon as the heat got to him. Then he would be out again in a bit – very sporting of him! On his first trip, he brought out his highly modified .22 scoped rile with a blue thumb-hole butt. I really liked this one as I was able to acquire a scope image fairly simply end emptied a dozen 10 shot mags. Fun!

Dean's heavily modified Ruger 10/22. Only the receiver and bolt are from the original Ruger.

Then he drove over a sort of John Deere - ATV that we used as a portable bench rest, giving us more flexibility to choose the range! Dean also participated in trying out some of XL’s guns that he had never tried out. He loves to make ‘noise’ and I empathised with him completely. I too love targets that go ‘audible’ when shot at! :mrgreen:

Target's baby; a Polish Military training rifle

Beretta Model 950 in .22 short

SIG-Sauer 1911-22

SIG-Sauer P225 in 9mm

CZ75 P-06 in .40 S&W

Later on towards the end while we were trying out the shotguns my right shoulder (previously injured a couple of weeks ago) was twitching and protesting mightily. Now, which gun lover says ‘enough?’ :mrgreen:

Well, I reluctantly did and XL would not let me forget that fact for the rest of the trip! :(

Mossberg SA-20; a 20 ga. semi

After the sky dimmed and the faint almost, full moon started becoming visible, we gathered up all the equipment and guns, packed them away. We also collected selected brass, for reloading; the shot gun shells we dropped it off in a large oil barrel for disposal. The .22 casing we left back on the grass.

We then headed into the cool air conditioned interior of the farm house where our host had prepared nourishment. They insisted that we had to try at least a bit of sweet corn and some cold water. We did not want to tank up as Jo, XL’s wife had dinner ready. We thanked Dean and his family for their hospitality and kindness and headed back home – tired but happy! :D


Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:12 am
by brihacharan
Oye Baljit,
Tusi ki karanda yaar :D
Looking at the kebabs - juicy , yummy - am at loss for words - can't say more - my mouth is drooling :D
Suggest you open a joint & call it "Baljit da Bar - B - Q" - You'll be a millionaire soon :lol:

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:16 am
by xl_target
It's almost 10:00 pm and I am looking at your shish kebabs and my mouth is watering. You shouldn't do this to us.
Now I know who is going to cook when we meet up again.

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:06 am
by xl_target
Sunday August 25th... contd.

We're still at Ahlman's show...

The Armor area.
Here are a a few photos from the armor and military vehicles area.

An LVT4; a US Marine Corps amphibious vehicle.

A Ferret Scout Car

A British Armored Personnel Carrier

The Dodge Weapons Carrier. What we used to call a "One Ton" when they served in the Indian Army

CK and my friend Chuck admiring a tank.

A Russian "Ural" bike and sidecar

A Bazooka

Everyone's favorite; the Willys Jeep

Then we walked over to check out the cannon firing

Ck posing next to some Percherons. They are BIG!

CK looks over a Gatling gun.

The cannon called "Babs" (short for Barbara - patron saint of Artillerymen) starred in the 1989 movie "Glory" about the American Civil War.
She was smooth bored for the movie.

Then we went over to the reenactment area but we missed some of the show. There was just too much to see and do.

CK with the SS, fondling one of their MP40 "Schmeisser" sub-machine guns

Ha, he quickly remebered which side India was on during WW2 and crossed over to the American side and is now sitting with the 101st Airborne

A German soldier with his Mauser rifle.

A Russian woman soldier firing her Mosin Nagant Rifle.

Now one of the Airborne's "Screaming Eagles" shows off his Garand.

Being short-staffed, it fell to one of the American Airborne to demonstrate the MG36.

Phew! I'm sure I still missed some stuff.

Re: Midwest Meetup! (Pix Heavy)

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:03 am
by Baljit
You know very well, how much I love BBQ. I think you should come over and try these Shish Kebabs. :cheers:

CK and XL, both of them had a great dinner in Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. I thought I’ll make them hungry again. ROTFL

What a great pictures and write up as usual, also playing with his other hobby is fantastic.

In first picture 10/22 looks very mean, heavy barrel with blue thumb-hole butt stock. I think if you put your thumb in that hole then you going to feel much more comfortable to shoot that 10/22.

All of the pictures are fantastic. I am really enjoying this post. :)

Thank you very much for what you Suggested, I’ll keep in my mind. :D

Hahaha!! Both of you had a great dinner in Indian Restaurant, so I thought I’ll give you guy’s unusual punishment. Like Timmy said in his post. :lol:

Armor area.

All of the pictures are fantastic. Here looks like CK ready for WW III. :roll:

Standing front of Ferret Scout Car, British Armored Personnel Carrier, Dodge Weapons Carrier, Tank, Russian "Ural" bike and sidecar, checking out Bazooka, Willy’s jeep and Gatling gun are amazing pictures. :cpix:

In next pictures he still standing beside Nazi and holding there MP40? :shock:

You are right XL; he quickly remembered which side India was on during WW2 and crossed over to the American side. After all he is in US. Very smart guy!! :o

Next few pictures are also fantastic. German soldier with his Mouser rifle, Russian woman soldier firing her Mosin Nagant Rifle, "Screaming Eagles" shows off his Garand (this is one of my favorite rifle) and finally demonstrate the MG36 is amazing. :cpix:

Thank you very much guy's, I think,I have to make a plans to visit MN.