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Home-Made Pellet Trap and Plinking Arrangement

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:45 am
by SoulSniper
Special Thanks to Timmy (@timmy), Pravin (@dalvipravin), Alameinite (@alameinite)

It got me bugging to get a pellet trap and plinking arrangement, after realizing what 20Jules can make of 10grain load at 800+ fps.
Checking online, nothing showed up in 1000/- bucket.
Most of whatever can be made at home with some tools, sooner or later i get to do it myself instead of buying.

So it kicked me, the idea, with my wifey complaining about an old Hot-plate (Tawa) "catching rusts and is so heavy, it's difficult to use it".
I checked it and on measuring, found it returning at least 6.5" of Square, curves removed.
Same day reached my friendly Fabrication Buddy, and for necessary Sheet-metal dimensions, 350/- was reasonable.
Marked the dimensions on the sheet, cut, bent, and he did the welding part of it.
Timmy's idea of inner rubber helped. I got both the Seating, and the matting rubber composite sheets too from a nearby puncher repair shop for free.
For the first trials, i used the rubber from Truck's Tyre Tube.
Observation :-o :
Pellets pass through target paper, cardboard back-support, and this tube-rubber curtain, and hit the CI 6"x6" plate and destroy.
(Even the 13.43gr Rifle Premium Thunder pellets destroy :D )
And for now i'm sticking to it till i've punched enough holes into it that the pellet debris start showing between Cardboard and the curtain.

Pictures attached, so Plinkers having not much space/Range Access, can work this one out.

Re: Home-Made Pellet Trap and Plinking Arrangement

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:52 am
by timmy
SoulSniper, that arrangement looks like you are ready for some fun! Being able to go out into your back yard and send some lead downrange is great, and your solution here looks very good - it will do a good job for you! Well done!

Re: Home-Made Pellet Trap and Plinking Arrangement

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 2:09 am
by SoulSniper
Yep... it's working well, Timmy San!
Another weekend, and i'll replace the tube-rubber curtain with the inner rubber one.
Has quenched the thirst for some time.
Thanks Again!