DIY Parallax Side wheel

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DIY Parallax Side wheel

Post by moulindu » Wed Aug 10, 2022 4:28 pm

Hi guys
Its been longtime since I made any post. I have a scope with side parallex and as we know those small turrets doesn’t give precise reading because of its small dia. Commercial side wheels are either costly or are not customized according to scope. The scope I have is not under production & Hawke doesn’t make side wheel for the scope that I possess. So I thought of using my woodworking tools to make a parallax side wheel for my scope. I don’t have 3D printer so I thought Wooden side wheel might do the job & might also look compatible with the wooden stock.
The main tools I used are handplanes, router, diy drill press with drilling bits and sandpaper of different grit. I used simple finish using couple of coats of Danish oil.
This is a 6” dia side wheel made out of a light weight wood. The bigger dia will accommodate more distance/range. I made a coupler for attaching wheel to the scope parallax knob and fixed the coupler to the wheel using wood glue. Its holding fine else I will have to use epoxy.
Overall thickness of the wheel is around 16mm and most of the side wheel has been recessed for 2mm on both sides to reduce weight and look better aesthetically. There are holes on the body of wheel for ease of rotation. The lip of the wheel is wide enough to paste more range/visible reading.
The coupler seems to fit the windage/elevation turrets aswell. So the bigger turret may be useful for someone who dials turrets for POA. The coupler is attach to the turret with 4mm grub screws (4nos.) in to the grooves made on turrets. I drilled and tapped the couplers for repitative n tight hold.
The weight is fairly less at 92gms and does not add bulk to the gun. The overall texture of the side wheel is pretty smooth.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the effort and in future might go for an advanced design like nautilus wheel.
Regards Moulindu
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Re: DIY Parallax Side wheel

Post by Shivaji.Dasgupta » Thu Aug 11, 2022 8:14 am

Good job done. Congrats


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