New pcp Diana stormrider 3rd gen

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Fresh on the boat
Fresh on the boat
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New pcp Diana stormrider 3rd gen

Post by manindersinghajimal » Fri Nov 18, 2022 5:50 pm

Hello all,

I am posting after a long time, but have always appreciated the information I found here!

So after some research and my budget allowing me, I purchased a Diana Stormrider 3rd gen and I am loving this thing. My previous one is an NX100, which I enjoyed really.

So few things I love about the gun is the weight of it.
It's just light as a feather and accuracy is really well.

The power also seems really pronounced.

The real wood stock makes it really premium looking.
The stock fit around cylinder and trigger is perfect when compared to PX100 which was all feeling like put together in a hurry.

I was able to try and do .5 inch ctc from 40 feet. (Which I was never able achieve with NX100. I always felt that gun jumps)

All in all, I am really happy with it.

PS. Before I purchased Diana, I actually bought PX100 x3 classic and boy oh boy! It was silent as a whisper. But it was leaking air and I didn't want to tinker with it, so with heavy heart I took it back. The dealership said it will take time for any resolution. There I saw the Diana and asked if I can buy the Diana and return the PX100 which they agreed.

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