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Dr. Karni Singh Range (New Delhi) - Information Needed

A list of shooting clubs & associations in India. This includes state associations as well as NRAI affiliated rifle clubs.
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Dr. Karni Singh Range (New Delhi) - Information Needed

Postby maanbirsingh » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:31 pm

Dear IFG Members,
I’m looking for information on how to shoot at the Dr. Karni Singh Range, there is good information posted in the forum, but most of it seems a little dated. Starting a new thread so it’s hopefully easy to search for new members, I will post my questions, will appreciate if I can get any details from members here.

1) What are the Range Timings? I hear it’s open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, everyday except Sundays. Is that correct?
2) How does one shoot an air rifle or air pistol there?
3) To shoot a firearm in the Range, One has to be a licence holder and non licence holders can’t shoot firearms at the Range (excluding airguns). Is that correct?
3) Does one need to be a member of Dr. Karni Singh Range or other Shooting Club to be able to shoot a Firearm or Air Pistol/ Rifle there?
4) If memebership is required, does one need to fulfill any special requirements to be a member?
5) I read that one needs a Fitness Certificate from a Doctor before using the Range, is that correct? If yes, is there any format for the Medical Certificate?
5) What’s the cost of membership to use the facilities at Dr. Karni Singh Range?

These are the questions I can think for now.. I will visit them in December to try and get responses to my queries, but since forum members maybe practicing there and will know already, will be really helpful if you can share the most updated information..Thank you for your responses in advance :)


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