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Mounting Scope on Percihole SX100 Pegasus

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Mounting Scope on Percihole SX100 Pegasus

Postby daryasarang » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:55 pm

Respected enthusiasts,
After a long slumber, found time to spend with my beloved Pegasus, which I had purchased almost 5 years back. I'm mostly away due to academic commitments, which limits my time I share to build upon my hobby. I'm mostly into recreational shooting aka plinking. After spending 4 years on iron sights, last year I purchased a Centrepoint Scope to mount on my Pegasus, the scope came with two-piece mounts. The mount had a scope-stop pin. Unfortunately, I discovered that, the dovetail grooves on the receiver were shallow and also it lacked the pit to accommodate the scope-stop pin. I visited the Percihole Factory, where I got my Pegasus duely serviced and the spring changed. I got the opportunity to forth my grievances and irritation at my inability to mount my scope on my Pegasus and I requested them to deepen the grooves and drill a pit for scope-stop pin. However, to my bad luck my request was politely denied.
Given this background and scanty knowledge about gun-smiting, hereby i request respected forum members to help me finding a solution to my problem.

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Re: Mounting Scope on Percihole SX100 Pegasus

Postby Bullo oka » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:41 pm

It looks like you waited too long and still waiting or you already found out a way to do that.
It'll be nice if you share something.
Gun smith in my area the charge 2k to 3k depending on what and house they are doing, the even don't use the rail adapter to mount 20mm to 11mm or vice versa.
They use ugly wielding for everything.

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