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Soviet era Joke

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Soviet era Joke

Postby arni_genius » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:42 pm

Once Nikita Khrushchev was on a state visit to India and while going to the Rashtrapati Bhavan with Nehru, he saw a man peeing on the road side. He remarked to Nehru that people were shot in Russia for this crime. Nehru took it personally and waited for an opportunity to get back at Khrushchev.

When Nehru along with his entourage reached Moscow on a state visit (later), he was eagerly scanning the roadside while he was being escorted to the Kremlin. The convoy broke down on the way near some wooded area and Nehru got his chance. He saw a man peeing in the woods and pointed it out to Khrushchev. Immediately a guard was dispatched to carry out the sentence.

But the guard returned without firing a shot and Khrushchev asked what was the problem. The guard replied 'It was the Indian Foreign Secretary sir....awaiting further orders!' :lol: :lol:

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Re: Soviet era Joke

Postby Ajaaybeer » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:41 am

Once an American and a Russian are arguing about the ways in their respective countries...
The American says
In america i can bang into the oval office .
Goto the President and pound on his desk with the fist of my hand and say
“Look”! Mr. President i dont like the way you are running our country.
Russian says
Oh, well ! I can do that ....
I can goto the Kremlin and bang into the general secretarys office as well
I can also pound the desk of the secretary with the fist of my hand and tell him
“Look”! Mr. general secretary I dont like the way the American President is running his country !

Added in 10 minutes 13 seconds:
You know there was a ten year delay in the delivery of an automobile in soviet Russia.
You go through quite a long process and when you were ready to buy
You were to put all your money in advance
Now, “This man” he laid down his money
The other fellow in-charge, tells him
Ok! Come back in 10 years and take your car.
And He said
“Morning Or Afternoon”? :D
And the fellow behind the counter said,
Well ! 10 years from now , what difference does it make?
And He said, well ! The plumber is coming in the morning ! :lol:

Added in 17 minutes 59 seconds:
Out of 7 families in Soveit Union 1 family owned an automobile .
Most of the automobiles were driven by bureaucrats.
So the order went out one day to the police that any one ! caught speeding, no matter who ! gets a ticket .
Well ! The Russian President was getting back from his country home and going back to Kremlin and getting late.
So there was his limousine and the driver, waiting.
He told the driver to get in the backseat and he would drive himself.
Now, down the road he went
And they passed two motorcycle cops speeding!
So one took out after him
And pretty soon he is back with his buddy
And his buddy says, well ! Did you give him a ticket ?
He said, “No” !
Buddy said, “why not”?
Oh,he said,”Too important”!
Well, buddy said,’we are told’ to give anybody a ticket no matter who it is ‘!
He said,oh ‘no,no,no!’ “ this one was too important”! So i couldnt !
Well buddy said,” who was it?”
He said ,well ! I couldnt recognise him but his driver was the Soviet President !

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