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Repair of electronic triggers(air weapon only)

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Repair of electronic triggers(air weapon only)

Postby ashokgodara » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:41 am

Hello fellow members
If any member have defected electronic trigger air weapon like morini/styer and can't find right person to fix it(don't want to pay 30k for replacing whole circuit)then contact mr.vinod rathore who is more then capable of repairing electronic trigger(air weapons only).i have seen his work and i am fully satisfied by his work.this gentleman used to repair pc untill someone gave him damaged styer evo whos trigger was not working.after some 10 unsuccessful attempts he finally got it working.from then he have repaired countless electronic triggers.This gentleman is not a gunsmith he can not repairs air rifles but he is expert in electronic triggers repairs so kindly do not ask for seal replacement of your prized air rifle or putting a electronic trigger in iof rev/pistols.He runs a shop in mhow(MP) by the name of mohan radios 425 parsi gali.you can contact him on whatsapp or mobile no 09827561284.IFG members will get 6 month free repair guarantee.p.s note i am not a shooter and i will not be benefited in any way.the sole purpose of this post is to help fellow members who are in shooting sports and have these electronic trigger pistols and rifles

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