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Vickers Rifles .242 .318 .404 Survey

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Vickers Rifles .242 .318 .404 Survey

Postby AlanD » Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:51 am

I am interested in the bolt action center fire sporting rifles made by Vickers and from 1927 Vickers Armstrong, between the wars.
The three main calibers offered would appear to be .242, .318 and .404. However, there may have been other calibers offered such as .30/06.

I am building up a data base of serial numbers to try to estimate the total number of these sporting bolt action rifles that Vickers marketed. I have read that the actions were made by DWM the rest of the rifle being completed by the trade rather than Vickers.

Therefore if you have a Vickers sporting bolt action rifle, please post the details here, any photos showing proof marks especially appreciated. Many thanks.



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