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bringing hunting trophies into india

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Re: bringing hunting trophies into india

Postby shooter » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:01 pm

As I said before “look like” is a very very subjective term.
Many so called wildlife lovers can’t differentiate between a cheetah and a leopard or a jaguar and leopard.

Similarly one can say a springbok or an impala looks like a chinkara a sable looks like a blackbuck.

An elk looks like a Hangul
A fallow Deer looks like a Chital
An alligator looks like a crocodile
A chamois looks like an ibex
A big horn sheep looks like a Himalayan sheep
And so on and so forth
So in all it’s all bullshit.
Naît sahab I appreciate your faith in the system and trying To go through the hoops. If you have family in Usa and wish to gift it to them then good. If you want to sell it to someone then pm me

As per the agent if anyone has an agent who has successfully managed to get trophies imported please let me know. I will use him.

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Re: bringing hunting trophies into india

Postby NairSaab » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:28 am

goodboy_mentor wrote:The law has to reasonable to accomplish some purpose or goal. Have you gone through the stated policy and law? Is it reasonable to reject, is any purpose or goal is been served by rejection? Does the State have jurisdiction to bring non commercial/ private import under purview of taxation and licensing? Have you talked with your lawyer if anything can be done?

Yes did that. The law is heavily tilted towards "conservation" as understood here. Also it is the prerogative of the CCF to give the permit as per law. Anything which does not per se promote conservation will not be allowed. So it is upto the CCF to decide about it. We can try and change the law through extensive legal battles in the courts as per my attorney, but then time and money will be an issue. The attorney said if the picture of the deer is shown, the first thing people might say is, "How could you do this to the poor thing"!!! There needs to be an attitudinal change ...Ahimsa and all. The British disarmed us with the Indian Arms Act 1877 and the Mahatma disarmed our minds with Ahimsa :(

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Re: bringing hunting trophies into india

Postby NairSaab » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:45 am

snIPer wrote:I presume It is better thru go thru an agent.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any agents in India who does this. Even through agents you have to follow rules. My friends in the Forestry department said that people who have trophies are trying to get rid of it now due to the need for registration and strict vigilance (at least in my state). Their advice, wait for a sympathetic CCF and then reapply :) Hope you understand ;)

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